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.  Brokers who make loans funded by private money
.  Investors who fund loans directly
.  Managers who own Mortgage Funds
.  Investors who purchase Delinquent Loan Pools

Investors purchase whole or fractional interests in specific first or second trust deeds originated by Brokers. Investors may also fund a loan directly. FCI services all types of these Private Money funded loans.

Investors purchase positions through origination Brokers in a wide variety of commercial real estate loans. The loans include commercial property, development sites, construction, etc. and are serviced by FCI.

Investors purchase shares in a Mortgage Fund consisting of a large number of loans secured by deeds of trust or mortgages on real estate. This is basically a mutual fund of secured loans that is serviced and administered by FCI for the Fund Manager.

Investors buy pools of non performing loans, then FCI does the collection work to quickly get the loans re-performing or coordinate the Lender's foreclose if workout is not possible.