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Make loan payments by going to any MoneyGram Agency (including WalMart) to make a money transfer. To Find out about the MoneyGram Fees CLICK HERE . To find the nearest MoneyGram location call 1-800-926-9400 or CLICK HERE

Once at the MoneyGram location please follow the instruction below: 

1. Select the blue white MoneyGram ExpressPayment Form Complete the personal Information. 

2. Make sure you use the name that your account is listed under and then enter the following information in the appropriate fields: 

  • Company Name: FCI 
  • City Number: 5090 
  • State Code: CA 
  • Account #: Your Social Security Number or your Loan Account Number 

Below is an illustration of the MoneyGram ExpressPayment Form: 

To view your borrower account please click here.