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As an alternative to using one of FCI’s “No Fee Payment Options,” you may choose to use the “Check By Phone Option” and pay a separate processing fee to FCI for the use of this option. This optional feature allows you to have your scheduled loan payment credited on the same business day by calling FCI at (800) 931-2424 and then dialing extension 651 for Customer Service assistance during FCI’s normal business hours (8:00AM to 5:00PM PT). By selecting this option, you hereby employ the services and authorize FCI to issue a check made payable to FCI from your personal account and submit for payment on your behalf. FCI will charge a $18.00 processing fee for the use of this optional payment service that will be added to the scheduled loan payment due. This transaction may take up to one business day to appear on your account, but the payment will be applied and credited to your account on the same day the “Check By Phone Option” was received.

Please have the following information ready: 

  • Loan Number 
  • Your Name and Address 
  • Bank Routing Number 
  • Bank Account Number 
  • Amount to pay (if different than your Regular Payment) 
  • Check Number you wish to use. Remember to mark this Check in your book as VOID. 

Below is an illustration showing where to find the requested numbers on your check. 

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